Write, perform and promote your own songs!
America's Got Talent star Madison Watkins will help you write, perform and promote your own songs. She'll also show you how to produce a live performance.
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"The TV is off and JAM is on!"
- Eva Kee
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Ages 10 - 16
No experience necessary
No instruments required
Work at your own pace
Life Skills
Woven into every JAM course are lessons that will last a lifetime.
Self Expression
60 Projects
Each pack is broken down into fun projects so you’ll never get stuck.
Mentors are JAM’s version of a teacher.  They’re experts in their fields and generously share what they know.  Through them Jammers get a glimpse into the life of a pro.
Hi, I'm your mentor, Madison Watkins. I performed on The Voice and America’s Got Talent! I just released my first album and now I’m in LA pursuing my dream of being a pop star.
No trolls. No jerks. No exceptions.
We have a proven record of creating online learning experiences that are safe and inspiring for kids. We do this because safety and privacy are paramount, but also because we know that learning and creativity can't happen unless everyone feels fearless to be themselves. JAM posts are only viewable by other kids in the course and moderators who have passed rigorous background checks. No one over 18 allowed! Our moderators keep JAM safe for all kids, answer their questions, and provide encouragement and feedback.
Parents JAM
It does everything you promise! It turns screen time into learning time, it creates a global creative community of kids, it encourages and energizes him to try new things and stick with one idea longer than he might have on his own.
Mom in New York, NY
I’m very impressed by the moderator comments. My boys love the personal and fast feedback they get.
Mom in Milton, MA
Kids are enjoying it because there is no pressure, you get a whole year to finish. It’s also very affordable.
Dad in Alberta, Canada
3x More Learning
We don't lecture kids at JAM. Research shows that doing activities and receiving feedback is more effective than listening to a lecture – as much as 3x more effective! This is according to research conducted by Eric Mazur at Harvard; Nobel Prize winner Carl Wieman at Stanford; and Kelly Hogan at UNC Chapel Hill. Unlike most other online learning services where students work alone, at JAM, kids share each other's passion for what they're learning and are eager to give and receive feedback. Doing JAM projects will give your kid unique opportunities to try something new, with the added bonus of getting to meet others they can learn from and teach. The knowledge they gain on JAM will last for many years to come because it's rooted in a positive social experience. There’s no learning by cramming or memorization here. Instead, it's just a perfect circle of trying, failing, collaborating and growing.
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