You Can't Get This In School
Online Courses For Kids
Host a Minecraft Video Show
with Chad Johnson
Invent Your Own Machines
with Paul Long
Animate with Cartoon Network
with Julia Pott
Become a Pro Chef
with Casey Engelman
Become an Illustrator
with Lauren May
Become a Pop Singer
with Madison Watkins
Parents JAM
It does everything you promise! It turns screen time into learning time, it creates a global creative community of kids, it encourages and energizes him to try new things and stick with one idea longer than he might have on his own.
Danya Haber
New York, NY
The course tapped into my son's interests and showed him how to go further with it. Our mentor was awesome, too! Relatable, positive and knowledgeable.
Shawn Rubin
Providence, RI
This was my daughter's first experience with social media, and she really got excited about comments and questions. I liked that my daughter gave a lot of thought to how to present her ideas through video.
Amy Mattson
Buffalo, MN
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