Online Courses for Kids
Online Courses For Kids
Smart Screen Time
Good Starts
Younger Kids
iOS & Web Browser
Ages 7-12
Drawing Bootcamp
87 Projects
Ages 7-12
Start drawing or grow your talents by learning the creative process of a pro illustrator. You'll feel proud to have a portfolio of your own artwork.
Invent Your Own Machines
113 Projects
Ages 9-14
An inventor will show you engineering skills using everyday materials. You'll build catapults, mechanical arms, and mazes for your own Rube Goldberg machine.
Build Anything with LEGO®
32 Projects
Ages 7-14
Learn pro techniques from a LEGO® master using your existing LEGO® collection. You will build things you never imagined before.
Cook for Yourself
23 Projects
Ages 9-14
A pro chef will cover kitchen basics and get you ready to prepare a menu of apps, main dishes and desserts. This is everything you need to be solo in the kitchen.
Deep Dives
Older Kids
iOS & Web Browser
Ages 10-16
Secrets of Drawing
49 Projects
Ages 9-16
We figured out how to help you draw exactly what you see. See hundreds of pro secrets and learn how to easily draw people, animals and nature realistically.
Mad Science
42 Projects
Ages 8-16
Charlie Engelman – the next Bill Nye – designed this one-of-a-kind course to mesmerize kids and hook them on the magic (and grossness!) of science.
Host a Minecraft Video Show
57 Projects
Ages 10-16
A Minecraft master and YouTube star will help you create your own Minecraft videos. You'll produce your own tutorials and Minecraft show.
Animate Your Drawings
61 Projects
Ages 9-16
Julia Pott is an professional animator and writer for Cartoon Network. She'll help you write, direct & produce your own animated short.
Become a Music Star
61 Projects
Ages 10-16
America's Got Talent star Madison Watkins will help you write, perform and promote your own songs. She'll also show you how to produce a live performance.
Get mentorship anywhere
How It Works
Video Based
Each course contains a video library produced by our mentors demonstrating techniques, pro secrets and challenges.
Pick Your Own Path
Projects can be completed in any order and at any pace. Keeping momentum is our priority, even if it's slow and steady.
Learn by doing
Project Based Learning
Prepare for Future Jobs
We help kids become fearless learners to prepare them for an era where change is accelerating and acquiring new skills will always be crucial.
Build Confidence
Our courses show kids how to take initiative, design their own solutions, experiment, and share their ideas. The cycle of trying, failing and growing creates independent thinkers who are capable and confident.
World's most creative kids
Learning Community™
Share with Peers
Jammers share their work with the Learning Community™ and in turn seek inspiration in each other’s work. Everyone is both a student and a teacher here.
No Bullies, No Jerks
We’re proud of our kind and respectful Learning Community™. We have zero tolerance for participants who do anything to harm our safe learning enviroment.Thankfully, this is rarely an issue.
Trusted platform
Parent Testimonials
Jammers are recognized for completing their courses and receive documentation to qualify their future contributions to the world.
Free support 7 days a week
Frustration Free
Everything posted is seen by a staff member to ensure safety, privacy and appropriateness.
Parent Support
Kids are our focus, but parents are our partners. We offer free technical support 7 days a week – just in case your kid has stumped you, we’re there to help. We’ll also send emails to show you all the cool things your kids are creating in their course.
About Us
Founded in 2012, we devote our lives to making magical learning experiences to help kids build confidence, creativity and talent that will last their lifetimes. Our services have helped over 500,000 kids worldwide.
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